Brunch #1 – 7 December 2015

Ladies thank you all for braving Desmond and clearing space in your busy lives to come. I will send invites to the January brunch soonest – although it’s hard to think about anything except the mad rush to the end of the year and the old NYE conundrum. It’s my last day at work so I plan to party like it’s 2016 already.
Jill thanks so much for those interesting references – I’ve been reading up about Victoria, the one-take film and it’s on the list. Miranda I wanted to chat to you more about the £50k film financing thing but as always, just not enough time to talk about everything. Dheerna here’s the link to that hilarious Taiwanese on the tube incident. Having lived in Taiwan, I found it pretty funny (you’ve got to laugh at the sheer stupidity of people).
And last but not least, one of the tube posters we were talking about. SOMEBODY needs to invent a proper print campaign for this. I mean
Hope you’re all having a lovely week and will send out the next invite soon!

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