Brunch #2 – 9 Jan 2016

BRUNCH DIGEST – Jill, Karelle, Marg Sian
We talked about Salgado – the man (including man and wife team, although he gets all the credit while she lays the groundwork), and here’s the Wim Wenders film
We also mentioned a recent film about Loneliness – I saw a poster, I’m sure. Or was it a review in the Guardian? Was it a TV documentary? It was certainly in my peripheral vision but I can’t find it. Unless it’s a story of suicide featuring a boy in a Sonic the Hedgehog outfit? Yep that’s a fail
We talked about Brooklyn being shot in natural light – what a dream.
Again, Victoria came up – a thriller with a lot going on, shot in ONE TAKE. Unbelievable
Powerful and quirky Hungarian films featuring DOGS!!! To be watched in canine company with caution – cue the howling. Karelle would love to meet Murphy sometime soon!
Now this I had never heard of but it looks lush. 80s, techies, corporate world. I want to watch it all NOW! Halt and Catch Fire
On the subject of whiskey, the film Angel’s Share came up. Unlike anything else on the list, I have actually seen this. A Ken Loach beauty with ‘real people’. Entertaining and a must for whisky lovers. Some interesting bits about the production from the prod co – why oh why the tiny impenetrable font we’ll never know.
Now on to other bits and bobs
For those who don’t know him, Nick Broomfield pioneered the director-monitors-sound look. He’s prolific, some amazing stuff, some less amazing (I for one am not a fan of bumbling-Englishman approach so perfected by Louis Theroux, although it must be said it gets results).
For those who don’t think of daring political satire when they think of Nando’s, here’s another face to this weirdly successful brand (I say weirdly successful as in Red Bull – they sell chicken/dodgy energy drinks after all). This foresaw the insane xenophobic ‘riots’. This takes on Mugabe issue
Credit to Google for finding this. I searched go pros in hula hoops fruit cut out duo, and the gave me this. Of course now I remember it’s for COS. Misread my notes as cos. Would loved to have been at the casting for this one! Must be listened to for the FOLEY!!!!
This could only have come up during conversation about They Will Have To Kill Us First. I’ve got Syrian rappers “there is”. I’m not sure if this is it?
And speaking of Vice, can’t let the day go by without Crufts on Acid. Except it turns out it’s not Crufts. It’s a lesser show. And quite long. Is this a “don’t”?
Some tips for short film fests. There’s Virgin shorts, which I’d never heard of, and wonder if they’re still going – I have a feeling there’s going to be a growing demand for shorter films in coming years, just when we thought they were nothing but very expensive business cards. What’s news though is Nespresso shorts. Jill mentioned it, perhaps working with them? Doesn’t seem to be in public domain yet. I’m a HUGE fan of Nespresso (guilty pleasure if ever there was one), so look forward to more news. I do think they should get rid of the wonderful George Clooney though – the ads don’t have quite the same ring when you know he’s going home to Amal.
And last but not least, a top tip after Marg scored audio recording equipment – USE FREECYCLE!!!! It’s easy, just got to be quick and prepared to collect. I got soooo much stuff for my previous flat, hardly had to buy a thing šŸ™‚
Look after your lovely selves and see you at a brunch table in March

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