Brunch #3 – 7 May 2016

Ladies thank you so much for coming. It was a delight.
A very quick round-up of various things we talked about, a few notes and links – would love to linger longer over the descriptions but then this email will linger in my inbox far too long.
Next brunch 1st Sat in June – I’ll send the email round at some point soon!
Diving in with bizarre story of being able to pick up sound via visual vibrations alone –
Not quite as bizarre as the TV show Jilly mentioned. What a story. Japanese TV show (Nasubi) guy was kept in a flat and entered competitions to survive.
We talked quite a bit about sound – welcome Annie J and innovation – welcome Kerrilyn J
But before then, Annie’s is running (helping run) the excellent sounding Herne Hill Film Festival.
Celebrating two new jobs – Marg at Hugo & Cat and me at Premier May both jobs be a delight – fingers crossed!
Innovation… what is an innovation consultatnt, we wondered. Kerrilyn works here Doblin, innovating, some of it based on the principles of “Design thinking” , possibly invented (if not championed) by places like IDEO and also the at Stanford is worth a look. In the spirit of truly understanding the user/customer/audience – i.e. person, Kerrilyn was going to watch the Babies documentary – the opening of the trailer is hilarious
Note to self – “Never ask, ‘Oh, why were things so much better in the old days?” It’s not an intelligent question.” Ecclesiastest 7:10 (one translation of it anyway – nice and blunt J)
This is in the context of the Garden Bridge and Thomas Heatherwick’s questionable designs (apart from the cauldron). Don’t get me started!
Jill revealed the dark out of encoding for audio – Adaptive audio at Netflix. Fascinating, and reassuring that they’re on the case.
Post brunch chats included
Total Recall for VR
United Nude – amazing heels
Like a glove leggings
and Fun…
Dutch Flowers exhibition at the National Gallery is worth a spin – small, free exhbition in room 1, oils from Dutch master style on mahogany, so they look clear and crisp – flower paintings in vogue circa 1700. And here’s a crafting tip that gets rid of the dregs of nail varnish and makes a unique vase out of a bottle – who knew.
Take care of your lovely selves – Karelle hope Thailand is great!!
Sian xx

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