Brunch #4 – 4 June 2016

First and foremost, hair. Mine is a work in progress, and I’m on a quest. Recommends include Stavros at Studio Mag artillery passage E1
Seven Dials way, there’s Fran at Windle & Moody.

And on to phones. Like Goldilocks, I’m umming and ahhing over a replacement phone. Out of love with Apple, Samsung too big, Motorola an interesting choice. Recommendations welcome. Have since discovered XiaoMi – am very tempted but the import duty would make it as expensive.

Out and about, there’s the glorious Holly Bush pub in Hampstead – scroll down for the white one Don’t go for the food. Do go for olde London, when Hampstead was a distant suburb of London. Hard to imagine!

On the home front, water softener is highly recommended, not that difficult to have a unit installed under the kitchen sink. Hm, looking at the benefits I wish I could afford it right now!

And why do fridge/freezers leak water? What to do?. Answers on a postcard, seriously.

Imagine if… there was an app for globe-trotting hair and beauty, forecasting what your skin hair type will do where, and providing recommendations from local and travelling women. Available to buy easily through the app, in travel sizes.

And on to Art. Couple of collectibles – Dr Cream gives you sequences to animate, and Space Invaders includes an international leader board. This is How Not To Be Seen at the Tate Modern and no, it’s not a DIY invisibility cloak.

We were reminded of First Thursdays – an established and somewhat forgotten event, forgotten by me anyway! Now this I can barely decipher from my notes – “Mary boss does walking tour”. Happily I fared better with Monoprixx.

Important business out the way, we talked about work chatter included…

Lines blurring
I mentioned that I’d read about Heineken video views fraud and now see it was reported in 2014 – amplifies all the talk about views I’ve heard recently.

Very interesting partnership here, a case study from July last year – Years and Years The Outfit C4 case study.

Babies got another mention – worth a watch even if it’s round 2, makes you laugh J Project is based on using qualitative, people research to innovate and give people really useful products. Design thinking in action.

City AM case study – is it nuts? Is it necessity? What about organic? Needs authenticity – watch this space!

Quartz is much more pleasing, check out daily newsletter, doing more content now, have an update that talks about us becoming more visual.

Image search and , pulsar and brand watch social listening tools. Pulsar Renaissance art data set talk project for a museum, porn set picture. Brand watch can filter out noise. If logo is all text you can’t get same insight.

Social listening tools and beyond the freebies Pulsar and Brandwatch. And on the subject of data, well worth looking at are Nancy Duarte Edward Tufte .

New term alerts (well, new to me anyway)

The experience economy, and mansplaining!


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