Brunch #5 – 2 July 2016

We kicked off with intros, which lead to the question – to Marg – what is UX? The short answer is that it is finding out about the users of the website, and designing their journey through a website to make sure they a) have a good time b) find things easily and c) get what they need. Like all our professions, it’s shifting massively. UX can also related to non-web design. Marg please feel free to correct me on any/all of this J

We then rambled on to “Advertising is killing the internet” and its adversary “Adblocking will kill the internet”. Enough said about that the better.

We welcomed Nicola to the group, a lawyer specialising in business affairs for creative types. She’s co-founded a flexible service (as opposed to a traditional law firm) to offer (um, flexible), friendly legal help to creative types, and run by women who need flexibility in their lives and not long hours and strict ‘boss’ types.

This got us talking about remote working (way of future). Marg did research and wrote an article about it, and recommended No Office Required. There is a free downloadable book somewhere – by Zapier?

If anybody knows any production lawyers who’d like flexible working, please let Nicola know as they’re looking for people to join their Paper & Rock gang.

Welcomed Sarah too – long time colleague and producer/director extraordinaire, lover of all things botanical/ horticultural. Big up Walthamstow, where Sarah’s just moved to, and now has a garden – lots of young people, families, community vibe. I never did get to the dog races there before they shut.

Sarah moved from Kennington after a rent hike – grrrr landlords – but big up Walthamstow so take that greedy.

There was a rainbow across the city last night yay – a ray of hope – I couldn’t find the exact one but can’t resist adding this.

We chatted about recruitment processes being nonsense, limiting talent by demanding very specific experience and turfing every CV that does not have it. We’ve seen it for years it telly – you can be the best director in the world but if you haven’t filmed cooking, you won’t get a cooking show.

This led to that old stat that men think they’re made for the job if they meet 60% of the requirements. With women it’s a different story – we need 100%. Now, this is interesting. Upon googling for a link, I discover a place that questions those stats, does its own research, that says men suffer equally from not being confident they meet the requirements. It seems it not so much confidence here, as us ladies being rule-followers* and seeing the hiring process as more by-the-book than it really is. It’s an interesting read

*Good girl syndrome reminds me of a conversation I overheard on a tube last weekend. A mother’s young son said he loves My Little Pony on TV. She says oh I wasn’t sure you’d like it as it’s a girl’s show. He says no, there are some bad characters. ?!?!? LOLLLZZZZZZ. When did ‘good’ and ‘girl’ become synonomous, wasn’t in the Garden of Eden that’s for sure.

Having said all that, confidence is immensely important and we all know we can suffer from a lack of it.

Now here’s a note I don’t truly understand (what was I writing??). “One Thought – confidence  – born with it.” Any clues or corrections please do let me know! I doubt that we talked about how you’re either born with confidence or not – I know from personal experience that it can be learned, one can train self-doubt and lack of confidence away from one’s mind, a bit like this really.

Back to the point, I’ve found this under One Thought but not sure it’s the same thing. It has an interesting premise that in the workplace of the future, the human frame-of-mind development will have the same size impact has digital has has in the past few decades.

A relevant point here – it was mentioned that TfL has counsellors – not just for drivers who become victims of people’s suicides, but staff in general. What a great way to nip office gossip in the bud.

The ‘one thought’ lead to how you can choose one thing, do one thing every day, and in so doing master a new art. Here’s 30 days of Yoga with Adrienne – you can choose one thing you’re going to do that day, like feeling confident and positive. And here is the wonderful ‘100 days’ project – ‘what could you do with 100 days of making?’ Marg if you ever do perfect the arm wave you’ll have to do a demo at the Delaunay – can you image. Bex the ripple effect on the vid is just for you. Classy J

Speaking of repeated actions, here’s a 27-year father and son photo project. I played the vid to the end to see if the last picture would really make me cry (as the clickbait-crap headline suggests). It certainly did not make me cry (son fathers son – wow). What does make me cry is clickbait’s contribution to journalism.

Onwards to art. We talked about the use and abuse of the naked female form in art. There was a Guerrilla Girls exhibition at Tate that (I think) showed stas – 5% of artists in MOMA exhibition/s (generally?) are women, 80% of paintings are about women – generally naked. Performing For The Camera also curated a lot of naked women. ef Oerforming for the camera. They curated a lot of naked women

Ah well, bare, naked ladies – how the mind can wander (thanks Google). This little vid is so interesting – it’s a cute little piece of fan-art, has been up for nearly ten years, has 4.2mill views and the comments are still going strong. They’re funny and the creator takes part. Ladies, if I had a million dollars…

Bex is off to Rio soon to film/edit some “not very exciting stuff” (her words, not mine) and I implored her to protect herself from Zika. Now there are many links pointing to Zika and condoms, but I’ve chosen this one because it show a personal bugbear I have at the moment – those stupid untrue headlines that ‘clickbate’ crap has spawned.

I’d highly recommend joining Bex and her ‘Vice girls’ collective – I’m a luddite who also has an extreme aversion to Mark Zuckerberg, so therefore no facebook. I do love Instagram (again not on it but her). Ladies, Girlture. Email Bex for the FB invite/group/link.

And onwards to brands passing themselves off as famous to unsuspecting populations – Chivas Royal [Salute] anyone? And when they’re rumbled, creating an ad to prove that they really are Royal/top drawer. Good luck with that! Don’t know why the two are linked, maybe like branches on a tree, conversations go this way and that, but we also laughed about the stupidity of the mystery celeb couple involved in the super-injunction when one can simply get the news via the internet from people in other countries. Who cares what they get up to in the privacy of their own oil-filled ‘kiddie pool’.

Last mention of Vice – so they made a special channel for women’s subjects whatever those might be. Would it not have been better if they’d tried to make sure than about half the content across all their channels was about or made by women? But that would be way too far from their blokey culture.

Onwards! Where to VR? BBC r&d homepage glasses. Is it too solitary? Is it for gamers? Will it catch on? “Matrix is going to happen”. Has real applications for remote working and ways of engaging. Oh no, I lied – another mention of Vice. Shane Smith on future of media and VR ‘Expect a Bloodbath’. Dig out Shane quote on VR.

Travel… Love a bit of that. Iran is interesting if not fun for female travellers. And a little geography did-you-know (ashamed to say I didn’t). Kurdistan is not a country.

Sarah talked about chats she’ been having, about creating a YouTube channel (Gratitude (Grratitude?) title). It would showcasing work – tastemaker – conversations – community. Like anti-Vice. “The Pool” is a great reference – ‘for women too busy to browse’.


Humans of New York

Serial podcast impeccable journalism (since brunch, Adnan’s been granted a retrial)

Making of a Murderer – miscarriage of justice, DNA evidence reform (since brunch – six Emmy noms)

And finally, Improve Your Singing. So random it’s not even in the randoms.

And that, ladies, is that. Thank you for reading this far, thank you for coming to brunch, it’s a delight.

See you next time – Sat 6th Aug 10am same place.



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