Brunch #6 – 6 August 2016

On the brilliantly sunny, first Saturday of August 2016, Jill, Kerrilyn, Liz and Sian sat down to brunch at the Delaunay – the sixth in the series! We talked about all sorts as usual – work, wardrobe, robots, music videos – what a great way to start the weekend.

4 ladies, 2.5 hours = that’s quite the word count, so I’m trying a list to keep it all as brief and sane as possible. Looking at it like this makes me very happy – what wonderful ladies you are, what great information and inspiration.


We are so much more than the companies we work for, but here goes…

Liz works at Mirriad, which places products in existing films, and clever things with data tracking.

Kerilyn is an innovation consultant with Doblin an off-shoot of Deloitte

Jill’s at the 7th Chamber, influencer marketing

And I’m at Premier – arts entertainment culture PR and then some. Acquired Dubbs, for anyone who remembers Dubbs…


Liz told us so many fascinating things and I learned two new words:

Blueboxing is when a space is created in an existing scene of a film or TV show, where a product can be placed. The product is usually shot on its on, so that the angle and lighting can match exactly.

Mezzanine is the file that’s somewhere in between low and full res, so that you can work with it without needing to hire a barn in Utah to house your data.

Some amazing people I’ve discovered recently – – incredible data viz work – video, interactive and getting into VR, based in Dalston. What’s with the .io domain? is an Evernote linked blog, did they retro-fit it to make Pistachio, or is pronounced Fieldio? The mind boggles. (so I looked it up of course – British Indian Ocean Territory. Who knew?)

Robots – where will it end? Elon Musk is worried. And then there’s the robot that kept on escaping. They had to kill it.


The Babies movie gets a mention the third time! It’s a good way of explaining what Kerilyn does – extensive research of the ‘user’ helps with coming up with innovative products (baby food***).

According to Doblin, there are 10 types of innovation – including customer experience, products, business models.   One of the methods is customer interviews – go to peple’s homes, talk to them about their habits, photograph everything… Design thinking… Only by understanding how people use current things can you innovate.

Question is, is innovation in a corporate setting nuts enough?

This is fantastic – TED NPR TED Radio Hour – Failure is an option

Jill mentioned a guy she stuied who had the idea for a FB before facebook – he was too early to be taken seriously. Outliers, forerunners – sometimes it doesn’t help being too ahead of the curve.


When you deliver a series of ideas you’ve been paid to come up with, after months of in-depth research, and the client does nothing with them.***

When a client insists on their way even though you’re the expert. What did they just pay you for?

When a client wants to do something that you know will defeat the purpose – be rejected by the audience, but they insist, because they are the client. It’s like going for surgery and insisting on wielding the scalpal yourself.

When a client dictates layout of a design, saying what should go where and you think why, what a good idea – let’s get rid of all our designers and let the clients do it!

Reminds me of an Ai expert I met this week – she’s teaching machines to summarise large tracts of text and then suggest design and layout.


Gogglebox – 7.9 on IMDB – I would NEVER have believed I would love a TV show about people watching TV. It’s beyond words.

Speaking of weird, here’s the C4 remit

Which gives us good and bad. Gogglebox is a roaring success, After Dark (Liz worked on it I believe but could be wrong. Seven Days was axed but was the forerunner to TOWIE etc. (see above about it not helping to be ahead of the curve!)

As for Naked Attraction – I think I’ll wait for somebody else to fill me in. Can’t think of anything more stupid than picking your partner for naked body reasons. Let alone watching it on TV. Surely you can imagine what people are like naked?


For those who don’t know, the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms is a term for the four biggest consultancies (who also do accounting and auditing). Ever heard the saying, ‘the accountants are taking over the world?’ Well, it could be true. Not the accoutnats per se but theBig Four are in every aspect of our lives, from small thigns to large. Cyber Warfare/ They’d be there. Where to BBC? They are there. Google innovation? They are there. What are we going to do when climate change really takes hold? They’re working on it. They made the subscription-based model Premiere Pro is using. And who’s going to be working out how to change regultions post-Brexit? Big four. Governments don’t have the expertise – it was ‘outsourced long ago, if they even had it to begin with.


Republican or Democrat brain quiz*

David Badiel on US elections

James Corden – Michael Obama carpool karaoke


Hunterian Museuem if you fancy looking at dead hands in jars (in which case you’re probably a Democrat*)

Prince Charles cinema – an oldie, and a goodie. Independent!

Regent Street cinema


Mubi – good encodes and good films

Night Manager – amazing book (le Carre), great series with excellent performances by Hugh Laurie and Olivia Coleman. Tom H has a lovely smile, and uses it (too) often. Well worth a watch.

OK Go – music is secondary to the brilliant videos they create… Upside Down & Inside Out and their Rube Goldberg machine inspired This Too Shall Pass. The Writing’s On The Wall and the aerial view I Won’t Let You Down.

Thanks to Jill for all of this – it came via mechatronics, a subjec she loved (and third new word of the day).

Finally, do watch Eye in the Sky. It’s great. And only read the Wired article afterwards to avoid spoilers.

COFFEE (and coffins)

Coffee with coconut oil – surprisingly good and nourishing feeling. Planet Organic does it – try it!

An oldie and a goodie – the Moka pot. The designer loved it so much (as do millions), he made it an urn for his ashes.   Cute story. Reminds me of Ghanaian coffins. Not coffe

Aero-press – coffee nerds

Nespresso – too easy and too good. Except insisting on George Clooney still fronting the ads – turns him from sexy bachelor to dodgeball cheater. Idiots.

WARDROBE! (and comedy, naturally)

Target – coming to London in our dreams. But wait! I am doing these links in Durban and they ship to South Africa – surely London?? Here’s the SNL Target lady

J Crew and Wholefoods so overpriced here – and Anthropologie – if something if $118 it’s £118 – are they saving on replacing four chracters, just doing the one?

Anthropologie does, however, have long-lasting t-shirts. GAP t’s seem susceptible to moths, and coming up big – a small is big. Maybe this happens if the sample is made by mistake, then everything comes up big.


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