Brunch #9 – 14 January 2017

The brunch digest – so overdue!!  Forgive me ladies.  It was a joy to see you all – Lesley it’s been way to long! Hopefully this brunch will go some way towards that familiar feeling of knowing wonderful people and not seeing them for YEARS.

First Sat every month, with increasingly last-minute reminders 🙂

I’m trying to make the a list of links in the hope it will come out quicker.  We shall see – you all talk about such interesting things I can’t help researching and rambling on about all sorts…  I ended up leaving out all the interesting politics chats we have – politics stroke comedy. Crazy time

Karelle camera– Lesley edit– Jill operations– Sian p/d


Ostrich pillow to beat jet lag and enjoy desk naps and for general good vibes hilarity. I’ve have a beautiful j-pillow on loan. Looks very weird, feels very comfortable. Sleeping in economy is now possible!

Karelle’s spent 3 weeks in Japan so if you’re going, you know who to ask for tips!
FILM/TV worth watching

I discovered The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt around Christmas and the making of the Pinot Noir promo had me in stitches. The best thing on Netflix.

The Crown was also excellent – not period drama dull, but a beautifully shot, well-crafted drama of historical interest. Big budget and it showed.
La La Land got a mention too – apparently not just musical glitz.
Hunt for the Wilder People is a brilliant indie. Fun, clever, great visuals. Genius.

Lo and Behold – Wim Wenders on the internet and artificial intelligence is quite good, worth a rainy afternoon.

Black Mirror last ep – I watched the first two, and the second ‘Nosedive’ is horrifyingly close to the bone. The blackmailing/fight to the death put me off but apparently the last ep of Black Mirror is excellent

Can somebody please start an invoice chasing service
What is the law with payment of invoices, and the right to charge interest? 30 days

For some professions, agencies exist that guarantee payment (they pay you and chase the client for payment). Others just take a slice and you wait as long as it takes.

Office culture and politics is always an interesting topic, and some of us have had the crazy experience of working for psychopathic personalities. I’m pretty convinced that in the future, if humanity hasn’t destroyed itself completely, ‘office life’ will be a museum exhibit that people shake their heads in wonder over, a bit like feeling the texture of East Berlin blue jeans. Shudder.

This author is interesting on office behaviour.

In a culture of more takers than givers, where extroversion is prized above all, the Quiet Revolution is making waves. Ignoring introverted people just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Confidence, for everybody but especially for women who seem to have it set on low in a work context, is another interesting subject. I interviewed these two lovely ladies a while ago – the Confidence Code is worth a look.



Not to be confused with business, this is about work done by ‘us’.

Karelle shot FT Squared’s Undiscovered Japan for the Alpha Grid. As this digest is SO overdue, I’ve now watched the robots in old people’s homes and it is a delight. Well done Karelle!

If you need anything cut together brilliantly, Lesley editor is now freelance



Health – therapist recommendations Acupuncturist: Hamano Sensei; Japan Natural Clinic; 59 Brewer St W1F 9UN.  Massage Therapist: Lorna Mays (works Tues and Thurs) – book online

MoneyMad Fientist is well worth a look – there is much to be said for creative freedom that financial independence can bring!


And finally, the usual data mention. This is about privacy – does it matter? An excellent analogy I heard recently (and traced back to 2013) is that everybody knows what you do when you go to the loo, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to close the door! Cory Doctorow.

Is it just old-fashioned to be afraid of the all-seeing Alexa? And even more wary of Google Assistant (for they have the hardware, the software, and our information is increasingly in their hands, through email, browsers and now at work). Who knows what the future holds – I hope mine holds an Ostrich Pillow somewhere along the line J


Till next time lovely ladies, stay beautiful and endlessly inspiring.   XXXXXX


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