Brunch #10 – 4 February 2017

Hot on the heels of the January brunch, this was whipped together very quickly – thanks to Bethany, who I’d mentioned the date to when she couldn’t make the Dec or Jan dates, the Delaunay Roundtable occurred – second this year, 10th since it started. A delight and inspiration as always.

Bethany producer – Kerilyn innovation consultant – Marg UX research and design – Jill operations


The month’s travel tips were sparked by Bethany’s forthcoming trip to Finland for work. The one that stuck in my mind is getting to the Faroe Islands by helicopter! And for those who prefer to travel by foot, a half-marathon. I’m can’t say I’m a massive fan of running but having looked at the island site, it sounds like a brilliant place to run around. Wow. I still dream of a job filming 360 videos for a selection of tourist boards. If anyone asks, you know where to find me.


Nothing came up this time, bizarrely, or perhaps I was distracted by my fruit salad in a silver goblet (LOVE). I can’t believe I wouldn’t have mentioned Taboo. I confess that I didn’t really know who Tom Hardy is before the series. But I’m a huge fan now. It’s a weird series, full of strangeness and sometimes you don’t know what’s going on. But what fascinates me is the treatment of the East India Company, the world’s first multi-national? It ruled India before the British gvt did. Hugely powerful, terrifyingly cruel (slavery), wildly successful (trade) – it’s a dark and fascinating chapter of British history. After dismissing it for weeks, and only delighting in Tom Hardy losing money (spent £10mill, recouped 8 to date), the Guardian has finally realised what it’s about.


O Magnum Mysterium – “a quiet song of profound joy” – lots of versions by choirs, this one the Utah Singers. How relaxing.

Reminds me of Miserere Mei Deus, which tops my “calm down” soundcloud playlist. This is a Cape Town Youth Choir version.

Alva Noto – Xerox Machine is another kind of soothing, of the industrial white noise variety.

Here mixed with piano with Ruichi Sakamoto

This all came up talking about Marg’s sound collages and field recording adventures – the latest, a pylon.

Imogen Heap has had another mention. I confess I don’t know her work – I have now looked at so many links, included blockchain – music and blockchain were two words I never thought I’d see together. What an original person she is. This is so sweet and lovely and this stop motion video for the Listening Chair is so cute!


Marg’s ‘sound collage’ – adventures in micro sound with Jez Riley French kit.

Marg also does beautiful visual collage – and I have only just discovered the pinterest, rather randomly

Bethany does voiceovers! Must get a link


Capoeira came up as an elegant alternative to smashing a punchbag after a long day.

Learning a language? Busuu gives you 10 mins a day practice and native speaker correction. Looks great.

Marie Kondo is a delightful, funny, organisational gem – I was sold on the ‘spark joy’ concept.

My top tip for hair – Percy & Reed. Their grad stylists are affordable (£60 seems a fair London price sadly) and it’s a beautiful place. Spitalfields.

Unruly’s House of the Future sounds fascinating but I can’t find a link. Unruly offices sound like a fun place to be though.

Car hacking – well, if it can happen toilets and fridges

Nesta, innovation foundation for the UK – and they do loads of video for anybody interested in potential work

Until next time, stay beautiful xxxxxx


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